• Joanne Meneghetti

The Trigger

The true cause of workplace HARM is lack of action. Timely action that should be driven from the top. As the person who carries the responsibility for human lives at your workplace, it is all on you.

The truth is, if you took decisive and positive action from the moment you became aware of a problem before it escalated, you would solve most of your problems. Getting in right at the trigger point is key.

There are countless examples of where a manager could have stepped up and diffused things but instead choose to ignore what was happening right in front of them because it was easier not to acknowledge it and hope it goes away or worse, hope someone else will deal with it.

There is no ‘someone else’. It’s you, you are the someone, you are responsible for what you know, see, hear, suspect, hear on the grapevine, or get a sense of. You will find yourself considering your actions or lack of actions throughout this book. You will find yourself repeatedly given the opportunity to consider what you did or didn’t do and the consequences of such. I encourage you to immerse yourself in the book and discover new ways and new tools.

This book and the other two in the series will lead you along pathways of discovery and unearth things that you may have already known but forgotten along the way. If you are ready, book yourself in for a FREE one-hour strategy session with me, and let's see what we can discover and what low hanging fruit might be there just waiting for you.

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