Making your way through life without pain or trauma is almost impossible to do.

Life gives us lemons at the most unexpected times.

Will you throw them at others, or will you make your own special line of lemonade and use that to create yourself an exciting new life?

Choosing how to respond to the pain and trauma of life is within our own control, all we need to do is to learn how and then share those learnings far and wide.

If reading this book helps you to change one thing in how you engage with others in the workplace and in your own personal world then I have made my most perfect lemonade.

I wrote this book to help you.

That it may become a source of reference to guide you and offer solutions during the times that challenge you the most in your workplace.

That it may be the foundation for creating better workplaces FREE from HARM.

My wish for you is that you will discover something fresh and new, a new perspective, a new point of view.

That you will embrace my philosophies and embed them into your workplace.

This is a new approach.

The HARM model is a model of intention and deliberate focus that will change the landscape of workplace bullying forever.

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