My intention is to create an environment where workplace bullying is no longer a topic for discussion. If by writing this book I inadvertently write myself out of employment then I will have achieved this and much more.

There are so many who have contributed to the solutions I have created and now share with you all, however, most of them are unaware of it. As their own poor behaviours are the driving force of my intentions. So, to all those who have caused workplace HARM I universally thank you.

To my family Damian, Kirsty, Steven and Cameron thank you for your patience and understanding, for cooking meals when I was too tired and continuing to make me laugh.

To my grand-daughter Alariah, thank you for demanding I be ‘present’ and breaking up my long hours of writing. You were my constant source of happiness making sure I remembered to stop and smell the roses.

To my Editor and Coach Katrena Friel; you nurtured my thoughts and ideas and guided me along. You held me to strict timelines while keeping me focused. You are my constant rock and I appreciate you.

To my friends Vanessa, Paul, Nadine, Jill and Hazel. It’s been a long ride and you have held me strong along the way. Every story you have shared reminded me to keep writing. Every kind word of encouragement and your belief in me kept me pushing forward. Each time you checked in on me mattered.

Thank you.

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