About The HARM Model

H – Honesty

A - Accountability

R - Responsibility

M - Mutual Respect

The HARM we do in the workforce, a lot of it we are unaware of. The daily torture, the daily trauma that managers and staff are causing each other, with little to no awareness of the impact they have on others lends itself towards the assumption that most workforces are low in emotional intelligence. If emotional intelligence is being described as our awareness of others, then how aware of other’s emotions are we?

So, from our research for this book we believe that most organisations are potentially low in emotional intelligence. Our aim is to not only lift the EQ of bullies, victims and survivors but to lift the overall EQ of organisations as a whole. This book is for organisations and their managers.

A second book as part of this series is for victims, survivors and all about healing. The book is called HARMED A Guide for Victims and Survivors of Workplace Bullying.

The third book in the series is my story also called HARMED Out of the BLUE into the LIGHT. My Journey of HARM from inside the Police World.

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