It is time for a NEW CLEAN and CLEAR view


Workplace Bullying Training and Coaching

for the Organisation | Managers |  Employees | Teams | Individuals


Our Vision is to change the landscape of


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Taking Managers through the simple steps to eradicate
workplace bullying from our workforce once and for all.
Taking individuals through the steps to heal from workplace bullying - to move from victim to survivor.

We cannot go on oblivious to the HARM any longer.


The HARM we do in the workforce, a lot of it we are unaware of. 

The daily torture, and trauma that managers and staff are causing each other, with little to no awareness of the impact they have on others.

If emotional intelligence is described as our awareness of others, then how aware of others are we?

Are we aware of the HARM we do to others daily?

Organisations are required to provide a safe working environment.

This is the HOW you have been waiting for.

My wish for you is that you will discover something fresh and new, a new perspective, a new point of view.

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Joanne is one of the brightest minds in training, coaching and corporate consulting today, specialising in workplace bullying.


She is an author, speaker, trainer, coach, and consultant for those that are seeking excellence in workplace wellness and well-being.


For decades businesses and employees have unnecessarily felt the impact of workplace bullying through litigious action and poor workplace culture. Joanne herself has lived as a victim of workplace bullying, as a survivor of workplace bullying and as an ex-police officer her experiences provide invaluable insight into the systemic culture of bullying, harassment, discrimination and victimisation in the workplace.


For those companies that value Honesty, Accountability, Responsibility and Mutual respect (HARM) Joanne will lead you through the HARM solution. You just need to be willing to be part of the solution and stop the HARM in the future.



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